Jingle Bells

December 22, 2010

Here’s a quickie. My grandpa made another Christmas record like his 1945 and 1946 records that I’ve already posted (I’m guessing it was for 1947). There wasn’t much on it that I found very interesting. There were quite a few songs from Bing Crosby’s White Christmas album; if I want to listen to those, I’ll pop in my CD of it. A lot of the other material was also on the ’45 or ’46 records. But there was this version of “Jingle Bells” which I love. I haven’t been able to figure out who it is, though. It’s a big band arrangement with vocals singing just the chorus in a bunch of different languages. I thought maybe it was Spike Jones but couldn’t confirm it. But my guesses like this are usually wrong, so I’m hoping somebody will set me straight!