About Me

January 12, 2010

Not much to tell here. My name is Lisa; I’ve been married to Tim for 20 years. I’m a stay-home mom and home educator to three elementary-school-age girls. Originally from metro Detroit, we’ve lived in Florida since 2006.

My mom gave me all the records and equipment back in the mid-90’s. Even though she loves them, she didn’t have the time or ability to do anything with them and was ready to pass them on. My husband is an audio engineer and knew enough about the gear to get it working at one point.  She knew we both loved the collection as much as she does so she handed it on to us. She’s still an invaluable help to me as I figure out these recordings and has been really supportive of my work with Grandpa’s iPod.

Grandpa’s iPod is really a labor of love for me. Lots of labor, and lots of love.